Real estate is a matter of trust and quite a personal thing…

Attractive residential and holiday domiciles ● renowned and reliable property developers ● highly qualified design, construction and fittings ● capital investment and guaranteed value ● skiing, golfing or sailing all year round ● closing assistance and after sales service ● higher-yield investment properties

Have you already toyed with this idea? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

The exhibition caters for different types of buyers: those who are just looking for holiday enjoyment, those who are hoping to find a spot to emigrate to, and those who see the purchase strictly as an investment.

The show is tailored to a very specific audience: the “mediors” (that is, between juniors and seniors) with disposable income to spare and children who have probably already left home. These people want to sit back and enjoy some of the benefits of their decades of hard work – but responsibly!

Just as last year, this year the more traditional destinations such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Turkey did very well. Especially in Spain, there were great bargains to be had. Reductions of more than 30% were no exception. Former Soviet-bloc countries are also gaining rapidly in popularity. More and more people have been discovering this region and want to invest. But the United States, already a beloved destination for several years running, was also extremely popular with visitors.

Besides the wide range of exhibitors, Second Home International also provides a meeting place for like-minded people within the second home market. That’s why the show also offers seminars on all the financial, legal and tax aspects of buying a second home. For three days, visitors can attend any or all seminars on these topics.

This is a unique opportunity: the best of the best in the real estate market present their portfolios and services, all on just 3,000 m2 – come be part of it and get informed!